The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston
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Dean Streit's Welcome:

"This is an Episcopal Cathedral, your Episcopal cathedral. Please join us to worship and serve God. I think it could change your life. I know your presence, skills and passion will change ours."

How to find our Sunday Sermons

If you missed a celebration of Eucharist and still would like to hear the preaching, click here! You can also read the sermons, here.
Rev. Jep Streit blessing Boston Police horses October 6, 2013
Photo by Roy Goodwin

"The kingdom of heaven, we are repeatedly told, is not trumpets and gongs and shafts of light but something far stealthier and lower to the ground, something-like yeast in the dough-whose presence may only be detectable in the sharpening, animating effect it has upon the ordinary elements of life. Something, perhaps, like a bunch of pilgrim writers showing up at a bookstore in Brookline and delivering a tight programme of readings to a quaking, sniffing, chuckling, gasping and finally standing-on-its-feet-applauding audience"...James Parker, Editor
Read more and excerpts from the most recent edition of the Pilgrim here.

The Pilgrim Journal is written by our homeless friends of the Blackseed Writers Group. Sign up for an annual print subscription for $25 by designating your gift to the Monday Lunch Program on our giving page.

Many Angels Needed Now and Always (MANNA)
MANNA (Many Angels Needed Now and Always ) is a ministry of and with the homeless community in downtown Boston. Through MANNA, we seek not only to welcome men and women across differences of class, wealth, culture, race and mental ability, but also to empower all people to claim their place as essential members of our community. We all have gifts to give and to receive. We need each other. And this is why we gather each week to serve, to pray, and to create together.

You're invited! The Crossing is an emerging church community that seeks to walk in the life-changing, world-changing Way of Jesus, sharing the love, hope, beauty and justice of God in the city of Boston. We fuse the wisdom and mystery of ancient traditions with that of urban mystics, artists and activists…a different way to gather, Thursdays from 6-7:30 p.m. in your Cathedral.
For more information about the Crossing and upcoming events, check out their website here!   


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Coming up...

Walk for Hunger on May 4th

Members of the MANNA community will be walking in the Project Bread 2014 Walk for Hunger on May 4th! Please support the team through prayer or by making a donation or joining the team here.

Our Nautilus in the media! 

The Huffington Post has picked up the internet discussion about the nautilus sculpture in the Cathedral pediment and turned it into an article on their site. In addition to catalyzing a fascinating conversation about religious symbolism, they've included a link to our video which highlights not just the pediment but our ministry. In the final analysis, what really matters isn't the art but our actions, how we witness the Gospel. Join the conversation on our Facebook page...

View of the Cathedral from a Duck Boat during the Red Sox celebration parade on November 2!
Photo by Tom Kennedy