Welcome to the Cathedral!


“This is a place unlike any other, and you are welcome here. Each week, we provide solace and strength to a wide array of people, and we find the face of Christ in each one.  We are a house of prayer for all people, seeking to amplify the mission of the Diocese of Massachusetts.”

The Very Rev. Amy E. McCreath, Dean



Get to know us through our communities and how we live into our mission to be “A House of Prayer for All People.”



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What are people saying about us?

Great sermons. AND a labyrinth to augment your walking meditation...
— Edward LeMay, Facebook Review
A very good place to worship God. Endowed with wonderful clergy, choir, and congregation that are very friendly and welcoming to all.
— Noble Azuike, Google Review
I am extremely pleased with the church and their ministry. They welcomed me with open doors in a bad time of my life. I am pleased and honored to become a member of this church.
— Lisa Lane, Facebook Review
All are truly welcome here. I can’t describe the feeling that came over me when I sat down and looked around at the diversity here. We are all children of God. God is Love. I will return anytime I am in Boston.
— Lisa Willow Dunne, Facebook Review
A nice church. For everyone.
— Barbara Ann Creech, Google Review
Beautiful church, a must in the city.
— Petre Ene, Google Review