An Invitation: Looking Ahead to a Spiritual Retreat for the Sunday Congregation

We hope you will save September 14th from 12:30 – 5:30 pm to meet at the Cambridge Friends Meeting House for the Cathedral’s First Annual Congregational Retreat with your fellow congregation members:

-          there will be lunch and beverages

-          then scripture prayer, readings, bible study and responses

-          walking and talking outside

-          and coming back together to imagine how we might deepen our hospitality to all on Sunday mornings

-          and, there will be transportation at the

beginning and end.  if you need help, please let us know.

SIGN UP NOW - click here!

It will be important to register using the above link before September 9th. You are also welcomed to do so by responding to Ann Page Stecker -

Cambridge Friends Meeting House

5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge MA

( T-accessible ...just off Harvard Square)

Questions? Talk with Rev. Cynthia, Ann Page Stecker, or Ken King.