Wiring and a Wireless Future

When you are renovating a building built in 1820, you are also dealing with close to 200 years of maintenance jobs. After years of electrical work and repairs, there are now a huge number of wires in the Cathedral. This includes everything from knob and tube wiring from the early 1900s to the more modern type NM cable. As you might imagine, some of these wires are in use while others are not. Getting down to the bare bones of the structure for the renovation is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that old wiring. Electricians have been working for a while now to determine the best pathways to run new wires, sorting out where the old wiring was and removing what is no longer useful.

As we are getting rid of the old, we also must prepare for the new. We are putting in new wires for security cameras and audiovisual equipment to bring us up to date. But what about the future?   It seems likely that we will increasingly rely on wireless technology. However, our Electrical Foreman John Flammia does not believe we will ever be entirely wireless, since those systems operate best at a short distance.

During this process of transformation, out goal is to create a flexible space that honors the past while being able to bend and stretch with the needs of the future. This holds true all the way down to the wires.

-Amanda Goodman, Development Associate