The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston

The Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston
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The Pilgrim Newsletter

Members of our MANNA community on our most recent Pilgrimage in September.
An early morning jogger, trotting in his pride across Boston Common, wakes up a sleeping homeless man with volleys of verbal abuse... Where are the bolts of lightning when you need them? Where is justice? The only leveller, as Indra Karan reminds us in this issue of The Pilgrim, is existence itself. "From the conniving old and the innocent children... Time steals everything."  (James Parker, Editor)

The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim is a journal produced by members of Boston's homeless community, published by the Cathedral Church of St Paul, and dedicated to the proposition that homelessness is a state of acute pilgrimage. It features poetry, memoir, prayer, reportage, jubilation and despair. To quote one of our regular writers: “This paper is real. It don’t get realer than this.”

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The MANNA Pilgrims are going to be on Pilgrimage again this year!

The non-walking Pilgrims enjoyed a wonderful day on Sunday, September 29th at Emery House in West Newbury!

On the morning of Saturday, October 12, following early Eucharist at the Cathedral (time to be announced), the Walking Pilgrims will set out on foot to Emery House, returning on October 17th.

Your prayers are requested for all the Pilgrims, and if you can help to support them with a financial gift to help defray the cost of supplies please make out your check to St. Paul's Cathedral with Pilgrimage on the memo line.