Sunday Morning


A beautiful, diverse and welcoming group of people gather each Sunday morning for Holy Eucharist (Mass) at 10 am. It is a prayerful, thoughtful congregation where life-long Episcopalians, newcomers and seekers, tourists, housed and unhoused persons, young and old join together to learn from Christ. Here is our community covenant:

We embrace Christ’s call to respect the dignity of each person, knowing ourselves as equally beautiful and equally in need of God’s grace. When in doubt, we will choose love, rejecting the individualism and violent competitiveness that are rampant in our world.

On Sunday mornings, our shared intention is to worship God. We seek to be transformed by Jesus, who is present in the Word, the sacraments, and each person here, so that we may be the face of Christ to one another and in the world. This calling is precious, and we know it will be costly. While held within the beauty and order of Anglican liturgy, we open ourselves to being divested of prejudices, assumptions, and rigidity.

To help one another walk to freedom in Christ, we will:

  • welcome new people joyously,
  • allow ordained and lay leaders to focus on the ministry to the whole congregation to which Jesus calls them, holding individual requests and church ‘business’ until after the service,
  • incorporate a variety of voices and perspectives into our worship life, through welcoming preachers and presiders from an array of genders, cultures, and social locations; encouraging and training new members to participate in liturgical ministries; and making space in our prayers for individual petitions,
  • train and designate members of the congregation to respond to those in distress or particular need during worship, and to take the lead in any situations where safety is uncertain,
  • while celebrating that some people have particular, holy callings to help others in hardship, on Sunday mornings we will refer those in financial need to cathedral staff and/or help them brainstorm ways to find what they need, rather than giving out cash,
  • pause twice a year to reflect on our experience living into this covenant and adjust our practices if needed, acknowledge and work through conflict, and rejoice in what Christ is doing in our midst,
  • strive to be good listeners and grow as a spiritual community through mutual prayer.

As a cathedral congregation, we strive to embody the justice and openness to brave change to which our diocese is committed through its mission strategy.